Are Your Emotions Overwhelming?
Here are a few resources we recommend.

Mayfield Counseling Centers2

If you struggle to deal with everyday emotions, or if your emotions are sometimes too much for you to handle, we highly recommend Mayfeild Counseling Centers. There are multiple locations in the Colorado Springs area and more information on their website. Click the button below to be redirected. 

Track Your Mood ading2

Sometimes the first step to better handling emotions in a healthy way is to recognize and name the specific emotions we feel at different moments. Being able to articulate what we feel can help us break away from the confusion, worry, and isolation that can come with feeling disconnected from our own emotions.

We have found this app to be helpful.  Mood Meter helps us break down what we are feeling and then tracks our overall percentages of different ranges of emotion. It even gives tips on how to move from more difficult emotions to more desirable ones, by suggesting various tecniques. The ideas range from breathing exercises to looking at pictures of rubber duckies (our favorite) ! 

​Click the button below to find out more and download the app for yourself!

Looking for more inspiration?heading2

You might be surprised that the Bible talks a lot about difficult emotions like sadness, anxiety, and anger. Somehow it helps to know that even the writers of the Bible felt the way we do sometimes. We liked the verses listed below, but the Bible is full of even more!  Click on each reference and it will take you Bible Gateway where you can also find more verses.xt box. Remember to keep your wording friendly, approachable and easy to understand as if you were talking to your customer