The GhostLight Ensemble is a group of young adults who have joined together to address the needs in our community through the arts. Our mission is to use the power of storytelling and live performance to affect change in the way that only we, as artists, can. It is our belief that new avenues of healing, perspective, and growth  can be reached through the arts that might otherwise remain hidden.

Our current project “The Real Me is Here Anyway” is a creative and entertaining exploration of emotions and how we can understand them. It will touch upon issues such as mental health, self worth and relationships.

Feel free to find out more about GhostLight and its members by browsing this site and following us on social media.

GhostLight is a program of
Village Arts of Colorado Springs.

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Meet The Cast


  1. Lesa Brown Director
    Founder and director of GhostLight, Lesa is passionate about helping people discover and understand the arts’ role in society. One thing she loves about drama/theatre is that she can combine her varied interests and talents in music, visual art, drama, and writing all together at once, which is why she got her Masters in Theatre Education. Directing theatre also allows her to work with casts and crews as a mentor and encourager. She has a loving and supportive husband and three talented, amazing kids. They lived in Kenya as missionaries for 7 years before coming to COS. In her free time, Lesa loves hanging out with her family and sharing a good cup of coffee with a friend!
  2. Levanna Davis Assistant Director
    Levanna Davis loves any opportunity to laugh, extend encouragement and act. For over 15 years, Levanna has been performing in a myriad of companies, however, this was her first leap as an assistant director. When Levanna is not acting, singing or drawing, she loves to do intense workouts. She seeks opportunities to travel the world on thrilling adventures. Her treks have taken her through China, Indonesia, Singapore, Mexico, Europe and Africa. She knows that adventure awaits in every corner of her life! As a Sign Language Interpreter, she adventures with Deaf students up Pikes Peak, to Cave of the Winds, and in the classroom where they entertain with laughter almost every day. Her desire is to reclaim theatre for the Kingdom with winsome, redemptive stories, bringing God glory in every bright and bleak moment with His hope and joy. Ghostlight has been a whirlwind experience for Levanna, but the memories crafted here will be forever treasured!
  3. Megan Clum Assistant Director
    Megan is a writer and actress who became a part of Ghostlight as an assistant director to Lesa Brown. She has a passion for storytelling in all its forms, and has been grateful for the chance to use and hone her skills for the purpose of improving her community and spreading a message of hope and empathy through the arts.
  4. Abby Bennett
    Abby is a sophomore theatre and interdisciplinary studies major. As a military brat she took theatre opportunities when she could find them performing in talent shows, improv and speech and debate. In her free time you can find her with her nose in a book or over analyzing her novel characters.
  5. Matthew Bradley
    Matthew Bradley has been in and out of acting productions for the past 12 years. From his first role in Oliver, to his latest venture in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Matthew has been blessed to explore the wonderful world of theatre.
  6. Kit Cameron
    Kit is 19 and currently studying at PPCC (Pikes Peak Community College) to become an Artist and Graphic designer. In his free time he enjoys skiing, hiking, watching movies, and volunteering at the FAC (Fine Arts Center). This is Kit’s 9th stage production and 3rd show with Village Arts. Kits notable past roles include Skimbleshanks in CATS, and baby-John in West Side Story. Kit would like to dedicate his performance to his family and his best friends Kiara and Clerra for always encouraging him to pursue his dreams.
  7. Betsy Hailes
    Betsy is a singer, actress, and entrepreneur. When not on stage you will find her building her business or working with children. Betsy was a musical theatre major in college and since then has been in many local productions include her most recent appearance in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Her favorite role she has ever played is Winifred Banks in Mary Poppins. She thanks God for the talents and the passions He has bestowed in her heart. She is honored to be a part of such an amazing and talented cast. She invites the audience of Ghostlight to open their minds to new ideas and realizations about themselves and to those around them. Now, go shine your light.
  8. Melody Hoepner
    In junior year of high school and already planning an adulthood consisting of living alone with 14 cats, Mel is honored to be a part of the Ghostlight project.
  9. Kate Jameson
    Kate Jameson is a lover of stories in every form. She spends her work and free time writing and editing, loves watching movies, and participates in theatre. Most recently, she was Helena in Village Arts' A Midsummer Night's Dream. Kate joined GhostLight in the hopes of exploring hard issues and showing how theatre can be used as more than just a form of entertainment.
  10. Richie Kotwica
    This is Richie Kotwica's first production with Village Arts but he has performed in many other stage plays including playing Algy in The Importance of Being Ernest and Motel in Fiddler on the Roof. He has a passion for excellence on the stage as well as for film and has been a big part of Ghostlight's video production team. His daytime job is doing creative corporate video marketing and freelancing all over Colorado Springs and his preferred lightsaber color is green.
  11. Audrey McGee
    Audrey McGee is a 16-year-old who cannot wait for you to enjoy The Real Me is Here Anyway. You might have spotted Audrey as Puck in VA’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream last summer. Being a part of Ghostlight has been an amazing experience for Audrey, as she has been able to combine her enjoyment of writing, art, music, and theater with serious topics, faith, and caring about the community. She’s had a blast with her Ghostlight castmates, and you can bet she’ll be crying when this is all done…and won’t be ashamed, since it’s okay to be sad. Outside of theater, Audrey can be found reading, writing, smiling, singing Disney, hanging with friends, and wearing hats. She invites you to sit back, relax, and emotion your way through the show; she hopes you enjoy it.
  12. Peter Schmidt
    Peter, a Colorado Native, grew up in a heavily music affiliated household where he was put in music lessons ever since he was young. He is currently working towards his goal to become a film composer one day, by studying at Berklee Online to eventually achieve a Bachelor's in Music Composition for Film, Tv, and Games. However with school and his regular job, he still continues to push himself, to become better at his craft. He’s done everything from film’s and commercials for locals and weddings for friends and a play
  13. Elizabeth Trumble
    Elizabeth is a 19 year old who loves to create and look at the world in new ways. In her free time she enjoys drawing, watercolor painting, singing, writing, cooking, watching sci-fi shows on Netflix, listening to podcasts, and imagining marvelous creative project plans, (even if they are often impractical in their magnitude). Elizabeth moved back to Colorado 4 years ago from living in Malawi, Africa where her parents were serving as missionaries. One of the things that helped her in her difficult adjustment was participating in Cats with Village Arts the summer after returning. Her empathetic heart and enthusiasm for using her artistic gifts have made theatre an exciting and beneficial art form for her.
  14. Aidan Zieres
    Aidan has been involved in the arts for over 8 years. Between starting his own film business, and acting in community theatre, his goal is to use his gifts in the arts as a form of ministry.